Calculates occurrences of words or strings in a text block
Lists pages that are trending on search according to Google Analytics
Return status codes for up to 5 000 submitted URLs.
Returns top landing pages of a selected website according to GA data
Follows redirects, displays their total count and final URL destination.
Retrieves a list of related profiles from a list of Instagram user URLs.
This free bot generates complex cross-matching keywords based on your inputs.
Scrapes all data from LinkedIn user profiles.
Scan and download up to 300 external backlinks to a selected site.
Twitter Tweets Scraper
Returns users who posted images under a certain hashtag.
Scrapes user data from accounts on TikTok.
Checks if a certain link is present on a list of different web pages.
Google Pagespeed Monitor
Checks if a set of URLs is present on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Yandex
Periodically checks every URL in a sitemap and sends you a message if any of the URLs return errors.
Checks every URL in a sitemap and returns its response code
Scrapes comments from an Instagram post.
Scrapes hotel data from a list of properties.
Automatically parses Google search results for sites that accept guest posting.
Scrapes product information from Craigslist directory.
Receive like and dislike notifications made under your videos.
Automatically mass-follows a list of provided Instagram accounts.
Returns basic external link information for a list of websites.
Extracts URLs from a sitemap.xml file into a table.
Shows Google search volume and CPC for a list of keywords.
Scrapes all sorts of data from regular and business accounts on Instagram.
Shopify Product Inventory Tracker
Displays a total amount of documents indexed by Google.
Create URLs with custom parameters for your AdWords campaigns
Monitor the presence and functionality of your sites' critical elements, text or HTML.
Returns followers' names and URLs of a targeted account.
Retrieves information from different videos of a channel.
Sends Google Analytics goal statistics to your inbox
Retrieves emails from LinkedIn profiles based on location and keywords.
Extracts playlist information of a YouTube channel.
Scrapes places reviews from Google Maps.
Monitor your on-site searches through Google Analytics and receive reports in your mailbox.
Sends an alert whenever a URL responds with anything other than 200
Shopify Product Quantity Monitor
Extracts comments from any YouTube video.
Delivers your GA traffic numbers grouped by the channel at a specified time period.
Sends Google Analytics event statistics to your inbox
Returns Google SERP snippets for a provided list of keywords.
Extracts contact information e.g. emails, phones and links to social networks from a list of websites.
Sends an alert when your Google Analytics metrics reach certain levels.
Extracts places information from Google Maps based on your search query.
Monitors the price of a specific product in a Shopfy store.
Regularly ensures your URLs redirect to proper locations.
Returns known subdomains for a selected website.
Periodically checks whether a certain link is present on a web page and sends an alert if it's gone.
Scrapes all visible products from any Shopify store.
Shopify Total Product Calculator
Returns a list of first Google results for a provided set of search queries.
Scrapes recent tweets that have a certain hashtag.
YouTube View Monitor

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