Tools for SEO

Parsers, scrapers, link checkers and analytics monitoring

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Free Backlink Checker

Scan and download up to 300 external backlinks to a selected site.

Subdomain explorer

Returns known subdomains for a selected website.

Google Analytics Traffic Alert Monitor

Sends an alert when your Google Analytics traffic reaches a certain level.
Google Analytics

Google Analytics Traffic Reporter

Delivers your GA traffic numbers grouped by the channel at a specified time period.
Google Analytics

GA Events Reporter

Sends Google Analytics event statistics to your inbox
Google Analytics

GA Top Landing Pages

Returns top landing pages of a selected website according to GA data
Google Analytics

XML Sitemap Monitor

Periodically checks every URL in a sitemap and sends you a message if any of the URLs return errors.

Redirect analyzer

Follows redirects, displays their total count and final URL destination.

Page Indexation Checker

Checks if a set of URLs is present on Google, Bing, Yahoo or Yandex
Google Search

Google Search Results Scraper

Returns Google results for a provided list of queries.
Google Search

Google First Result Scraper

Returns a list of first Google results for a provided set of search queries.
Google Search