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Youtube Comment Extractor

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Awesome bot. I think it's the only one that extracts user replies from comments. Very quick turnaround and super easy to use. Five stars.

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We use this online program in our research to calculate and identify fake news and misinformation. Thank you Seobots for this software!

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It runs smoothly and is really easy to use.


About this bot

TL;DR: This bot extracts comments from any YouTube video and exports them into a spreadsheet in only a few minutes.

Download up to 500 000 comments from any YouTube video, including comment replies.

Have a look at the demo output file.

Video tutorial

Watch me get the comments and explain how the bot works in detail:

How to download all YouTube comments?

  • Sign up for SEOBOTS
  • Click the Start Bot button to open the bot configuration page
  • Paste the link to the YouTube video and hit "Start"
  • Select the number of comments to scrape (up to 500 000)
  • Check if you'd like to pull comment replies as well

That's it! The bot will attempt to load all comments from a YouTube video and will notify you via email, Slack or Telegram once the job is completed.

Data output

The bot will return the following data:

  • User nickname
  • User URL
  • Comment date
  • Comment text
  • Total comment upvotes
  • Comment reply count 
  • Comment responses (up to 500 per each comment)

You can view your data online or export and download all the YouTube comments as a CSV, Excel or a JSON file. If you have any suggestions drop them in the comment section below 👇


YouTube shows there are 100 comments but the bot returned 70, why?

YouTube total comment counter includes:

  • Actual visible comments
  • Deleted comments
  • Removed comments that were marked as spam
  • Comment replies

Can this bot extract comments from YouTube's user's blog posts?

No. This bot can only extract comments and comment replies that were posted under the public YouTube videos.

Can this bot extract comments from the LIVE chat section (aka "discussion tab") of YouTube?

No. This bot can only extract comments and comment replies that were posted under the public YouTube videos.

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

Frequently asked questions

All you have to do is provide a link to the video, hosted on YouTube and the bot will do the rest.

You can try the tool out by scraping up to 10 comments of any video free of charge, however, there's a fee to scrape larger amounts of comments.

After the bot completes the job you can export the scraped comments to CSV, Excel or JSON file.

Updates history

You can now schedule the bot to run every day or every week.

Scraper can now extract comment responses!

Scraper now shows the exact creation date for each scraped comment, instead of displaying an estimate.

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