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Instagram Story Viewer

About this bot

This bot will flip through users of a "place" or a "tag" and watch their stories, making them want to click on your profile. The bot will avoid watching stories from the same users in case it has already visited their profiles.

Once the bot completes a cycle, it will return a data file with usernames whose stories it has viewed. Click to view a sample output data file.

How it works

Specify the URL of a tag or a place you'd like to get users from, for example: if it is a tag

or if it is a place

Specify your session id.

Hit the start button!

You can choose to launch the job periodically.

Know limitations

We do not recommend viewing over ~200 stories in a day, because that can lead to a temporary ban from Instagram. Be careful!


Every time the bot finishes its work it creates a list of usernames which stories it has viewed. You can view the list online or download it as an Excel, CSV or a JSON file. 

Questions? Suggestions? Make sure to drop them in the comment box below 👇

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