Instagram Comments Scraper


About this bot

This bot scrapes comments from an Instagram post that you specify. Have a look at the example output data file

How it works

Paste the link to the Instagram post and specify the number of comments to scrape. Add your Instagram session ID and hit "Start". 

That's it!

The bot will retrieve the following information:

  • Commenter name
  • Commenter avatar URL
  • Commenter profile privacy (on/off)
  • Comment text
  • Comment replies count
  • Comment likes count
  • Comment date


After the bot finishes the work, you can view the data online or download it as an Excel, JSON or a CSV file. 


If you have any requests, drop them in the comment section below 👇 and we will make it happen!

To use this bot you need to register or log in first.

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