Facebook Group Scraper

About this bot

TL;DR: This bot scrapes members list with details from Facebook groups.

Have a look at the example output data file the bot delivers.

How to scrape member data from Facebook groups?

  • Sign up for SEOBOTS
  • Log in to your Facebook account in your browser (you can use a temp account for this purpose)
  • Install our official Chrome Extension
  • Open the bot's configuration screen by clicking on the Start Bot button
  • Your Facebook session ID will be filled automatically by our Chrome plugin
  • Paste in the URL of the Facebook group and hit the Start button.

That's it!

Extracted data

The bot returns the following data:

  • Group name
  • User URL
  • Full name
  • Info

You can download the data as CSV, Excel or JSON files and share it with your colleagues.


If you have any requests, drop them in the comment section below 👇 and we will implement them!

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