Craigslist Scraper

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Great scraper. I submit a link to a category on CL and it sends me a spreadsheet with all of its products, by email. Saves me a ton of research time.

About this bot

This bot will scrape product information from a given Craigslist directory.

Take a look at the example output file to have an idea of the results the bot will provide. 

How it works

Select a category you'd like to scrape on Craigslist and copy its URL address. For example:

Select the number of products to extract.

Click the Start button!


Retrieved information

The bot will extract the following data:

  • Category URL
  • Product URL
  • Product ID
  • Product category name
  • Date posted
  • Date updated
  • Product title
  • Product price
  • Product photo URL
  • Product description
  • Email (assigned by Craigslist)
  • Has contacts? (shows "true" if the seller has posted phone or his real email)
  • Notices from the seller
  • Attributes (condition, manufacturer, etc.)
  • Seller location
  • Location latitude
  • Location longitude

Downloading your data

You can view the delivered data online or download it as an Excel, CSV or a JSON file. 

Questions or suggestions? Drop them in the comment section below 👇

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